Using full practice management?

The only type of practice we recommend outsourcing the data-entry portion of the billing process to are MD/DC/PT Pain Clinics.  These clinics need ongoing professional consultation and legal protection for their specific needs and strict requirements.  Unless you are an MD/DC/PT Pain Clinic, outsourcing the data-entry portion of your claims to a specialist consultant who then sends your claims to us, the biggest problem with full-practice management is the inherent risk of losing complete control of your clinic.  Many times we have had clients who were farming out their superbills and paying a percentage of collections for full-practice management before using our services. This was a huge and unnecessary risk on their part!  Before using our services, some of our current clients lost all their patient records and a large amount of uncollected insurance because of lost data due to the billing company either discontinuing the full-practice portion of their business or the billing company going out of business entirely due to the large overheads necessary to run a profitable full-practice billing company.  If this happens to your clinic, you will have lost all patient records, and your cash flow dry up immediately!  Even if your full-practice management has the software capability for you to dial into their computers (or logon) and check patient information and post payments, if that data is not INSIDE your office, you have lost control and are making a huge unnecessary risk!